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This site is dedicated to newspapers, selected on the basis of geographic diversity (rather than by age or “all the newspapers with Justin Bieber”). You can see a map with marked cities from which brought the newspaper, and statistics, containing the most interesting information about these newspapers. I thank all the people who send newspapers for this site, because only through them, there is the opportunity to work with many elements of culture of peoples from different parts of the globe. All sended newspapers are read with interest, carefully scanned, stored and exhibited for public viewing and inspiration.

From the author:

Hi, my name is Boris Ovodov. I am a systems analyst from Yekaterinburg, Russia and, concurrently, leading this site. In the summer of 2013, my younger sister, Alexandra, at the post office saw a useless piece of newspaper, which had previously served as packaging for goods from China. Sister could not resist and brought this tiny piece of another culture to home. A little later, she thought that the newspapers with their unique language, typography, images, and design are ideal for collectors who dream of distant travels. Then I improved her idea and created this site.

If you want to help this site by sending the newspaper from his native Louisiana or from a trip to the deserts of Africa or you have any suggestions / advice you can send letters and parcel to the address:

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Boris Ovodov
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Борису Оводову
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